Baked things

Scottish Oat Cakes Recipe

My paternal grandmother was Scottish and her family name was “Nairn.” My West Indian followers may not know that there is a very well known brand of oatcakes sold in the UK with the brand name “Nairns,” which I have been able to find in […]

Making wholesome healthy pastry

Making Healthy Pastry If you are trying to keep your temple sacred and only place healthy food at its altar, then I completely understand the shriek I just heard when you see that this is what I am calling “healthy.” Yes of course this healthy […]

Almond Cake Delight with pistachio, coconut & carrot

This is a delightful carrot and almond cake! Nothing naughty in here although because of the dates and coconut mostly, the glycemic index isn’t low, but perfectly acceptable if eaten with a high fibre meal or a small portion, if on its own. It is […]

Making your own Christmas homemade mince meat

Making your own homemade mince meat Its early December as I write this and I thought I should remind you that now is a good time to make your homemade mince meat. I posted this recipe last year about this time, and I hope I […]

Gluten free chocolate roulade

What can I say? I decided to take a walk on the wild side? Here is my excuse and I’m sticking to it…..I was asked to review the mixer you see below and needed a recipe with lots of mixer action. Also, it’s “Great British […]

Gluten Free Brownies: Pumpkin and Ginger

When we first moved back to St. Lucia 16 years ago from the UK, we immediately began looking for a piece of land upon which to build our home. Our children were still young (10, 10 and 4) and we dreamed of creating a space […]

“Healthy” cake with apple, olive oil and maple icing..

Stephanie and Louise were born 7 weeks early, so I had not 1, but 2 premature babies. They were healthy little things so unbelievably came home with me on day 6. They were born before their sucking reflex so feeding was a bit tricky. My […]

Tobago bread recipe

If you are a follower of Sun temple, you will know that I was part of a family re-union in Trinidad recently. The first 2 nights were just the girl cousins, so Mark met me after that and we flew to Tobago for 5 glorious […]

The Home-Made Mince Pie Recipe

My absolute favourite Christmas treat is without a shadow of competition from elsewhere…..mince pies! So here’s a great Sun Temple mince pie recipe in perfect time for Christmas. For my readers who may not know these amazing little pies, they are sweet and filled with […]

Boat ride date and apricot loaf

I got the idea for this loaf from Diana Henry, but I have “healthified” it considerably. There is no sugar added as the sweetness comes from the dried fruit, and the fat content has been improved by the addition of homemade nut butter. “Glycemically” speaking, […]