Dairy-Free Recipes

Sweet potato gnocchi

 Sweet potato gnocchi recipe by Sun Temple Food Who doesn’t like gnocchi? I honestly don’t know a single person. Dumplings in general are so lovely to eat. We even use the word as a form of endearment. You know…..”my sweet little dumpling” or words to […]

Cashew cream

You are not going to believe how amazing this cream is. From the photo above you can see how creamy and decadent looking it is. The only ingredient in basic cashew cream is……cashews! Whenever you eat a desert or indeed any food that tastes creamy and decadent, […]

Chocolate avocado mousse tart

The motivation for this was purely and simply the fact that the avocados available in St. Lucia now are beyond delicious and luscious and amazing! I’ve always thought of them as the double cream of the plant world. The creaminess in this mousse is achieved […]

The Raw Brownie Recipe & Video How-to

The Raw Brownie Recipe | Video How-to As one of our favourite go-to Sun Temple recipes, it would be wrong not to have our second video based on making these delicious little beauties. Learn how to make raw chocolate brownies with Germaine in your kitchen […]