Easy mid-week

Best mixed veg recipe EVER

Preparing the Mix Veg Dish This started off as a way to use up bits and pieces from the fridge. It has now become a family favourite and the magic is quite simple. The amazing flavour and satisfying nature of this mix veg dish is […]

Easy mid-week vegan tofu mushroom “pizzas”

When my girlies were little I used to make a “pizza” which had a courgette (zucchini) base, pesto for the tomato sauce and tofu for the cheese, so when I went to pick up my weekly supply of organic mushrooms and Pattie of Simply Mushrooms had these […]

Simple Curried Pumpkin Soup

I’m feeling very philosophical as I write this curried pumpkin soup recipe. The past year has been full of challenges for my family which of course is just real life. No one escapes. My firm belief is that without challenges we cease to grow, learn, […]

Easy mid-week baked black bean chilli recipe with sweet potatoes

 Black Bean Chilli Recipe with Sweet Potatoes  Serves 5 or 6 750g peeled sweet potatoes 75g butter 2tbsp olive oil 3, 400g tins organic natural black beans 1 onion roughly chopped 2 fat garlic cloves pressed 1, 400g tin natural organic chopped tomatoes 1 green […]

Pesto Chicken | Easy mid-week creamy pesto chicken recipe

Easy mid-week Creamy Pesto Chicken Recipe This is so easy that once you have all the ingredients, it is literally a 10 minute preparation job with 45 minutes in the oven. Perfect for a mid week supper but don’t be fooled as it is so […]

Pork tenderloin with smoked paprika

Mid-week Pork Tenderloin Recipe This pork tenderloin recipe is in my “easy to go to” category. A pork tenderloin doesn’t take up much space in the freezer as its long and skinny and widely available and the spices could be in your cupboard. Sure you’d […]

Healthy mango chicken with tamarind

Mango Chicken and Tamarind An easy mid-week meal that pairs beautifully with rice.. Its January. Its cold and dark in London, and my thoughts fly to light and health, peace and resolve. I’m reminded while writing this that its not difficult to eat healthily. It […]

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne

My lovely friends James and Pepsi Crockett have a yacht charter business (www.jussail.com). “The ethos and operation of Jus’ Sail is underpinned by the principles of Responsible Tourism, which seeks to ensure that tourism enterprises create “better places to live and better places to visit”. […]

Easy mid-week pumpkin and kale soufflé

  I should have put the word “serendipity” in the title of this gem. I had pumpkin. I had kale. What can I say? They hit it off together. Kirsty actually said “oh my goodness! This is sooo good!” Mark and I agreed. I know […]

Aunty Maria’s Okra | Healthy Little Okra Recipes

Can you believe how beautiful nature is sometimes?? When I took that photo I was blown away by its colours and even more so, by the mosaic quality of the simple okra when laid out in its splendour. I think this looks almost Moroccan. As […]