Tangerines (Portugals)

St. Lucia’s answer to “easy-peelers” These are tangerines or “portugals” as they are known in Trinidad.

Fresh Cocoa Pod

This is the fruit of the cocoa tree from which cocoa seeds are extracted and turned into raw cacao, which is the critical ingredient in the making of chocolate.

Raw Cacao

This is the product of the cocoa seeds, which have been extracted from their cocoa pod and cleaned of the flesh covering them, dried and lightly roasted. This is the crucial ingredient in chocolate.

Sugar Apple

The flesh of a sugar apple is sweet, creamy, fragrant and soft and tastes like and resembles custard. It adheres to small, dark, hard seeds.


Chataigne means chestnut in French and this does resemble/taste like chestnuts. The tree is related to breadfruit and the fruit are rich in fibre and carbohydrate.


The flesh of the tamarind pod is used in cooking in the Far East and is known to lower blood pressure. It is used mostly in confectionary in the Caribbean. It has a delicious, sharp, tart flavour.


  Also known as 5 fingers because of its 5 ridges. The whole fruit is consumed as the seeds are tiny and few. The flavour is sweet, juicy and gently tart. It is used in salads, eaten fresh and used to adorn deserts because of […]

Passion Fruit

The seeds and pulp are what is eaten with this fruit. The flavour is very tart not unlike citrus. It is the original fruit used to adorn a Pavlova and makes a wonderful juice.

Green Fig

Green figs are simply unripe bananas. They are always eaten cooked and the taste experience is like a starchy vegetable such as potato, yam etc..


Guavas are mostly eaten raw despite their small woody seeds. They have a very distinctive flavour and there are many varieties. One batch of guavas can render guava buy neurontin australia jelly, guava stew and guava cheese, which is like Turkish delight. Guava juice is […]