Healthy Chicken Recipes

Chicken with figs and gorgonzola cheese

Chicken with figs and gorgonzola cheese I’ve been a grandmother now for nearly a year and a half and I’m happy to report that I still have completely new experiences quite often. In this instance I am referring to the fact that I walked up […]

Pesto Chicken | Easy mid-week creamy pesto chicken recipe

Easy mid-week Creamy Pesto Chicken Recipe This is so easy that once you have all the ingredients, it is literally a 10 minute preparation job with 45 minutes in the oven. Perfect for a mid week supper but don’t be fooled as it is so […]

Deliciously Piquant Pineapple Chicken

What I cook is very often determined by what’s in the pantry/fridge. This is especially true when I’m in St. Lucia. Provisioning is just that bit more difficult here, but as with most things in life, if its harder to come by then you value […]

Healthy mango chicken with tamarind

Mango Chicken and Tamarind An easy mid-week meal that pairs beautifully with rice.. Its January. Its cold and dark in London, and my thoughts fly to light and health, peace and resolve. I’m reminded while writing this that its not difficult to eat healthily. It […]

Salad of cucumber & mixed leaves with Asian chicken

I first made this salad because I wanted to spiralize everything in sight. Cucumbers seemed like a good idea and in fact spiralize beautifully. I’ve done this salad a few times now and have also chopped the cucumber using a slicing blade in my food […]

Chicken with apricots

This recipe is fast becoming a family favourite. As I write this, we have just had Mark’s childhood friend Steve and his wife Gill around to lunch along with my niece Jaks and her friend Kat. Its a great recipe to have up your sleeve […]

Chicken Recipes | Creamy, rich, family chicken with Indian spices

Two of the charming characteristics which endeared my father to many people were: one, he was an unshakeable patriot and as I write this it is Independence Day in St. Lucia, and two, he believed in the sanctity of family and did all he could […]

Chicken Charlton

  This recipe comes to you from my friend Emma’s kitchen. It’s a brilliant recipe to have, as its the sort of thing that you can glam right up for a dinner party, or keep on the down low for mid week supper at home. […]

Courgetti et al

I don’t eat pasta much anymore, because it is a whole lot of calories and is usually made from really processed products. Yes, even the fresh, homemade sort. I don’t mind the calories, and in fact I don’t count them. Its just a way of […]

Grilled chicken salad recipe with mango and avocado

I was having lunch with my friend Mae yesterday and she was asking where my inspiration for the recipes I cook comes from. I said it usually had to do with what was fresh and in season, or what I had lots of in the […]