Healthy Food Recipes

Scottish Oat Cakes Recipe

My paternal grandmother was Scottish and her family name was “Nairn.” My West Indian followers may not know that there is a very well known brand of oatcakes sold in the UK with the brand name “Nairns,” which I have been able to find in […]

Spinach and ricotta pie with wholesome pastry

Spinach and Ricotta Pie I used to make this spinach and ricotta pie a lot, even from those murky times past, before the children were born. Then, for whatever reason, I forgot about it….it kind of slipped off the radar. I’m actually not even sure […]

Making wholesome healthy pastry

Making Healthy Pastry If you are trying to keep your temple sacred and only place healthy food at its altar, then I completely understand the shriek I just heard when you see that this is what I am calling “healthy.” Yes of course this healthy […]

Curried lentils with zabricot and mixed veg

Curried lentils with Zabricot Dish My motivation for this curried lentils dish and for Zabricot chutney was as usual, a large number of these underused, largely reclusive fruit found their way into my life. What is Zabricot? It is zabricot season. The cinnamon coloured, large, rounded fruit […]

Mammee Apple & Plantain dessert with coconut topping

  Mammee Apple This is a Mammee Apple/Zabricot or Mammisiporte. It’s large, yielding fruit off the large seeds, anywhere plus or minus 600g (21oz), grows on a huge tree and has a sweet mellow taste. I’ve made this season, Zabricot chutney, curried lentils with Zabricot […]

Best mixed veg recipe EVER

Preparing the Mix Veg Dish This started off as a way to use up bits and pieces from the fridge. It has now become a family favourite and the magic is quite simple. The amazing flavour and satisfying nature of this mix veg dish is […]

Zabricot chutney recipe

Making Zabricot Chutney What is “Zabricot” I hear you asking. Its name comes from Les Abricots (the apricots) in French and our forebears must have named it thus for its colour because it doesn’t look or taste anything like an apricot. It is also known […]

Fish Recipes: Dorado fish with herb topping

Here’s how I came about this dorado fish recipe. I am standing in the photo below next to Ronald “Fish” as he appears in my contacts list. He hasn’t got a shop per se, but a piece of the side of the road (no pavement) […]

Easy mid-week vegan tofu mushroom “pizzas”

When my girlies were little I used to make a “pizza” which had a courgette (zucchini) base, pesto for the tomato sauce and tofu for the cheese, so when I went to pick up my weekly supply of organic mushrooms and Pattie of Simply Mushrooms had these […]

Almond Cake Delight with pistachio, coconut & carrot

This is a delightful carrot and almond cake! Nothing naughty in here although because of the dates and coconut mostly, the glycemic index isn’t low, but perfectly acceptable if eaten with a high fibre meal or a small portion, if on its own. It is […]