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Making your own Christmas homemade mince meat

Making your own homemade mince meat Its early December as I write this and I thought I should remind you that now is a good time to make your homemade mince meat. I posted this recipe last year about this time, and I hope I […]

How to make a Béchamel (white) sauce

I went to a convent school for the whole of my education that took place in St. Lucia. In those days there were still a few Irish nuns. I was told that these women left their homes in Ireland at a very young age, often […]

Cashew cream

You are not going to believe how amazing this cream is. From the photo above you can see how creamy and decadent looking it is. The only ingredient in basic cashew cream is……cashews! Whenever you eat a desert or indeed any food that tastes creamy and decadent, […]

Turmeric tisane

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time, as turmeric or chi chi ma as it is known in St. Lucia, is some kind of powerful stuff. The internet is awash with articles singing its praises and listing its health giving properties. The […]

Home made yogurt and labneh

Makes 2 litres 2 litres of whole milk 200g whole milk powder small tub plain live yogurt (115g) I have made yogurt in a number of different ways and my message is simple. This is really easy to do. The ingredients are for whole milk […]

Segmenting a grapefruit

This seems like the simplest thing on earth to do, but it occurred to me that not everyone might think so, so here’s a mini lesson: grapefruit segmenting 101. The single most important thing is to have a really sharp knife. I use a small […]

Making coconut milk

Joan at the veg shop gave me the good idea of putting the coconut in a bag in order to break it open. Normally I just go outside and bash it on the nearest piece of concrete. The problem with this is that the water […]

How to make tamarind paste

The Tamarind Sauce Recipe I grew up eating tamarind and the usual forms were tamarind balls, and tamarind sauce. My friends Deirdre, Arlene, Cheryl and I went down to “the tamarind ball shop” on the road at the back of the convent to buy these […]

Making Quinoa Flour

  Toast 1 cup of white Quinoa in a heavy based frying pan for approximately 5 minutes or until you can hear little popping noises and start to smell a delicious pop corn-like smell.           I tried the first time to […]

Making Almond Milk

Soak 1 cup of blanched almonds over night in 3 cups of water. Place both nuts and water in food processor and blend until you have a uniform mush. I actually didn’t put all the water in for the first pulse as my machine makes […]