Almond Cake Delight with pistachio, coconut & carrot

This is a delightful carrot and almond cake! Nothing naughty in here although because of the dates and coconut mostly, the glycemic index isn’t low, but perfectly acceptable if eaten with a high fibre meal or a small portion, if on its own. It is […]

Avocado toast – rye toast with tomato salsa

Avocado Toast Recipe My uncle Cush (Rosemary and Cusho nuts) had an avocado tree at the house where they lived in Trinidad that was a source of joy to him. This tree produced prolifically and during bearing season avocados could be found in varying stages […]

Easy mid-week baked black bean chilli recipe with sweet potatoes

 Black Bean Chilli Recipe with Sweet Potatoes  Serves 5 or 6 750g peeled sweet potatoes 75g butter 2tbsp olive oil 3, 400g tins organic natural black beans 1 onion roughly chopped 2 fat garlic cloves pressed 1, 400g tin natural organic chopped tomatoes 1 green […]

Aubergine and lentil vegetarian casserole with creamy mushroom layer

AUBERGINE AND LENTIL VEGETARIAN CASSEROLE WITH CREAMY MUSHROOM LAYER I’ve now made this a few times and it is truly delicious. Its sort of a moussaka-ish experience. Mark said eating this makes you think you’re eating a rich and decadent casserole, but in reality its […]