Sweet potato gnocchi

 Sweet potato gnocchi recipe by Sun Temple Food Who doesn’t like gnocchi? I honestly don’t know a single person. Dumplings in general are so lovely to eat. We even use the word as a form of endearment. You know…..”my sweet little dumpling” or words to […]

Reading group spelt flatbread

I belong to a reading group in St. Lucia (which was modelled on Emma’s reading group in London) which is made up of a group of ladies who are diverse in their original nationalities and opinions and taste in books. This makes for lively, interesting […]

Easy mid week okra rice

This is more a Trinidadian dish than a St. Lucian one. I learned about it from my “bess” cousin Colleen. Our mothers are identical twins and we were born 12 days apart and genuinely love each other, so, you know….. My father was working in […]

Christophene stuffed with quinoa

  I have seen christophene on sale in English supermarkets where they are called cho cho or chayote. For those of you who live in colder climes, this recipe can easily be adapted for use with a marrow (UK) or summer squash. Its not necessary […]

Creole Pigeon Peas

Pigeon peas are a staple in the Caribbean. They are used both in their fresh form as I have done or dried. The recipe I have developed, because it is the sort of thing that doesn’t really have a recipe, is very common here, the other common […]