Crispy curly kale and the New Year ahead..

So much has happened within the last year and I am sure the same applies to you too. The full spectrum of good and bad, happy and sad, is always there but we can choose what we focus on. A favourite mantra of mine is: […]

Boat ride date and apricot loaf

I got the idea for this loaf from Diana Henry, but I have “healthified” it considerably. There is no sugar added as the sweetness comes from the dried fruit, and the fat content has been improved by the addition of homemade nut butter. “Glycemically” speaking, […]

Green olive tapenade

We all have Kirsty to thank for this deliciousness. She discovered a manky little jar of store bought tapenade that must have been in the fridge since before Methuselah was a boy, and started using it as a spread. First, I’m ashamed to admit this […]

Emma’s seeds

Below is a picture of my friend Emma. She and I have explored food together in many different ways; picking fruit, going to new and exciting restaurants, attending cookery workshops, sharing cookbooks, and joyously cooking for each other’s families. This posting is written by her […]

Cooking with Pigeon Peas: Pigeon pea tapenade

The inspiration for this recipe comes from Jenny Chandler, but the use of pigeon peas and the implementation, is all mine. Pigeon Peas have been cultivated for 3500 years apparently, and may have come to the West Indies with the indentured Indian workers around the […]

Homemade cereal bars

This recipe is loosely based on a similar bar on the website I tend to look at all sorts of recipe books, websites, restaurant menus, etc etc in order to get inspiration. What then happens is an idea lodges itself in my brain and […]

Nut butter

  My sister Danielle has asked for this recipe so here goes..It is so simple I am sure you will, like me, say “well why haven’t I been doing this for years?” Nut butters in general are super good for you. Well lets be honest….nuts […]

How to make your own Hummus

  How come I’m posting about hummus? Well we always have a tub in the fridge whether we are in St. Lucia or the UK. My whole family loves it and it’s super versatile. Usually it is greedily scooped up on crackers, or dolloped onto […]

Grey Snapper with Creole Sauce

Ingredients 1 whole fillet of Grey Snapper (approx 750 g). Any fillet of fish would work beautifully with this sauce. 1 quantity Creole Seasoning 1 lemon or lime salt and pepper Method Cut the fillet into the serving size you want, though the smaller you […]

Rosemary and Cusho Nuts

I have just returned from Tobago where over 50 of us, all related, celebrated my mother and her twin sister’s 80th birthdays. At gatherings like this with my Trinidad family, there is an abundance of yummy stuff to sample. My cousins and I stumble over […]