Soup Recipes

Simple Curried Pumpkin Soup

I’m feeling very philosophical as I write this curried pumpkin soup recipe. The past year has been full of challenges for my family which of course is just real life. No one escapes. My firm belief is that without challenges we cease to grow, learn, […]

Breadfruit and Coconut Soup Recipe

My granny came to St. Lucia from St. Vincent around the turn of the last century to be governess to the governor’s children. I’ve told you this before, but what I neglected to mention was that the Nairn (paternal grandmother’s Scottish family) family home was […]

Curried sweet potato soup

We all have Zohra to thank for this recipe. Zohra is my hair stylist in London who is also a foodie. She and I talk about food while she turns me back into a “natural” blond every couple of months. Out of the blue this […]

Tomato Soup Recipe

I really think that you, my Sun Temple people need to have a simple tomato soup recipe up your sleeves, to pull out when simplicity is the order of the day and your temple demands clean, fresh, uncomplicated nourishment. Sort of a simple prayer rather […]

English pea and ham soup

Declared by Louise and Kirsty as “the BEST soup ever eaten” in the Sun Temple household. Wow! What an accolade! This lovely green freshness is commonly made with split peas, and I will be reprising this pea and ham soup recipe, using them, once I […]

Minestrone my way

I have to confess that my inspiration for cooking this minestrone was seeing organic quinoa and corn flour pasta in my local supermarket. I don’t tend to cook much pasta as the bought stuff is made with heavily processed flours and the home made stuff […]

Pumpkin (and Chicken) Soup

      Ingredients 1 kg pumpkin or butternut squash cut into 1 cm cubes 3 medium onions chopped 3 fat cloves garlic  finely chopped 2 seasoning peppers finely chopped 1 green chilli pepper finely chopped 1 stalk celery chopped 350 g breadfruit (or sweet […]