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St Lucia Fruit Plate | Fruit Preparation

St Lucia Fruit Plate – Preparation and Presentation There’s a plethora of fresh fruit and vegetables available in St Lucia. Join us as we explore and prepare a delicious fruit plate. Watch our tutorial on the best can you buy neurontin over counter ways of […]

St. Lucian Kweyol phrases

So I thought this week I would list some St. Lucian Kweyol phrases for a bit of fun, as some of you were curious! Obviously there are many more phrases – it was pretty fun tapping them up! Comment on the post by clicking here or on […]

The Healthy Meal Plan – A healthy dinner & how to plan for it..

The Healthy Meal Plan What is a healthy dinner and how to plan for it Salmon with ginger, chilli and capers I am aware that it must seem that I’ve got it all worked out. That I have every dinner thought out, shopped for and […]

Gestational Diabetes Diet – Healthy Food in Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes Diet & Health Gestational diabetes is a condition in which women without previously diagnosed diabetes exhibit high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, especially during their third trimester. Diabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are increased because the body does not produce […]

Exercise, diet, ageing and health

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote an article called “My fitness activities” It was not just a description of how I keep fit, but was also full of hope for competing in the St. Lucia Triathlon 2015 and a certain cockiness about the year […]

Monsoon coffee

Chris and Anne own Monsoon Estates which is a coffee company. They import and hand roast beans from around the world fulfilling individual orders from an elite clientele. Chris in another life was a property developer and Anne was a nurse. They lived in Australia […]

10 reasons to be thankful…

We don’t celebrate giving thanks in the UK or the Caribbean in the same way that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on a particular day every year. That is not to say that we don’t give thanks, it just isn’t associated with a huge meal and family […]

Let’s talk Gluten free

There has been an increasing movement to try to eat “gluten free.” This is good in that in order to eat this way you have to really think about what you eat and hopefully you will naturally avoid processed food, but bad in that simply […]

Top wisdoms for living with diabetes…

LIVING WITH DIABETES 1. There is no such thing as a “diabetic diet.” Everyone, with or without diabetes should strive to eat high fibre, low fat, low sugar, unprocessed food. A well controlled diabetic is often healthier than the average person as they have to […]

Mango Chow and childhood memories

My brothers, sister and I grew up in St. Lucia before the advent of computers, mobile phones and for us, in what was as yet undiscovered St. Lucia, not even TV. Our summer holidays were lonngg! There were no summer clubs or organised activities for […]