Scottish Oat Cakes Recipe

My paternal grandmother was Scottish and her family name was “Nairn.” My West Indian followers may not know that there is a very well known brand of oatcakes sold in the UK with the brand name “Nairns,” which I have been able to find in […]

Spinach and ricotta pie with wholesome pastry

Spinach and Ricotta Pie I used to make this spinach and ricotta pie a lot, even from those murky times past, before the children were born. Then, for whatever reason, I forgot about it….it kind of slipped off the radar. I’m actually not even sure […]

Making wholesome healthy pastry

Making Healthy Pastry If you are trying to keep your temple sacred and only place healthy food at its altar, then I completely understand the shriek I just heard when you see that this is what I am calling “healthy.” Yes of course this healthy […]

Eggplant Recipes : The Eggplant Bake – Aubergine & ricotta layers with rich tomato sauce –

You are not going to believe this but I got the idea to do this from a meal on an airplane. Airplane meals are not usually known for their culinary successes but a sort of version of this came, tasted interesting and I thought “I […]

Easy mid-week Caprese stuffed mushrooms

My friends Pattie and Pete, in St. Lucia, who I have told you about before now, regularly produce these lovely organic mushrooms. They did have a set back some months ago when we had a storm which came with a lot of water and literally […]

Sweet Potato Bake: Butter beans, spinach & sweet potato bake

This recipe is really from Anna Jones, but I’ve done my usual, which is to simplify and Sun Temple-ize. My friend Emma made it recently for her reading group dinner and I was intrigued, particularly by the butter bean topping, so I checked it out. […]

Simple Curried Pumpkin Soup

I’m feeling very philosophical as I write this curried pumpkin soup recipe. The past year has been full of challenges for my family which of course is just real life. No one escapes. My firm belief is that without challenges we cease to grow, learn, […]

Easy mid-week baked black bean chilli recipe with sweet potatoes

 Black Bean Chilli Recipe with Sweet Potatoes  Serves 5 or 6 750g peeled sweet potatoes 75g butter 2tbsp olive oil 3, 400g tins organic natural black beans 1 onion roughly chopped 2 fat garlic cloves pressed 1, 400g tin natural organic chopped tomatoes 1 green […]

Aubergine and lentil vegetarian casserole with creamy mushroom layer

AUBERGINE AND LENTIL VEGETARIAN CASSEROLE WITH CREAMY MUSHROOM LAYER I’ve now made this a few times and it is truly delicious. Its sort of a moussaka-ish experience. Mark said eating this makes you think you’re eating a rich and decadent casserole, but in reality its […]

Vegan mushroom and tofu loaf

The Sun Temple Vegan Tofu Loaf Recipe We can now get these firm, delicious, fresh mushrooms grown organically in St. Lucia and I always seem to have a bag of them waiting to be made into something. I’ll own up right now and say that […]