Pagan Delights

Baked Camembert

Making Baked Camembert This Baked Camembert recipe is perfect for creating a glamorous look without much skill or time needed. I know its an old fashioned type of recipe, but the oldies and goodies never seem to die completely. They just keep going with maybe the […]

Mouthwatering Mince pies

I took these photos just to show how delicious and tempting these pies look. The mince pie recipe can be located below. These are my mince pies made with the mincemeat I posted last week. I just wanted to share these gorgeous tempting photos, you […]

Gluten free chocolate roulade

What can I say? I decided to take a walk on the wild side? Here is my excuse and I’m sticking to it…..I was asked to review the mixer you see below and needed a recipe with lots of mixer action. Also, it’s “Great British […]

Gluten Free Brownies: Pumpkin and Ginger

When we first moved back to St. Lucia 16 years ago from the UK, we immediately began looking for a piece of land upon which to build our home. Our children were still young (10, 10 and 4) and we dreamed of creating a space […]

“Healthy” cake with apple, olive oil and maple icing..

Stephanie and Louise were born 7 weeks early, so I had not 1, but 2 premature babies. They were healthy little things so unbelievably came home with me on day 6. They were born before their sucking reflex so feeding was a bit tricky. My […]

English Summer Pudding Recipe

Ah! This green and pleasant land. There is nowhere more beautiful than England on a sunny day. We have been really lucky this time in the UK with the weather as there have been many sunny days. In fact, as I write, we are experiencing […]

Raw Chocolate Coconut Bar Recipe

Lets be honest. Coconut is the bomb! I like all forms of it. Every day in St. Lucia when I am on my way home from my workout, whether its a run, a bike ride or returning from my spin class, I stop and buy […]

Raw low glycemic vegan chocolate pudding

Imagine a desert so creamy, sweet and rich that you think it must be a pagan delight. Then you wake up and realise that its not! Its filled with only good stuff. Look at the ingredients list. Every single item on there is like balm […]

The Home-Made Mince Pie Recipe

My absolute favourite Christmas treat is without a shadow of competition from elsewhere…..mince pies! So here’s a great Sun Temple mince pie recipe in perfect time for Christmas. For my readers who may not know these amazing little pies, they are sweet and filled with […]

Boat ride date and apricot loaf

I got the idea for this loaf from Diana Henry, but I have “healthified” it considerably. There is no sugar added as the sweetness comes from the dried fruit, and the fat content has been improved by the addition of homemade nut butter. “Glycemically” speaking, […]