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Carribean Recipes – The West Indies Cookbook by Sun Temple Food

We have been asked lately if we can send through popular west indies recipes that we have previously produced at Sun Temple Food. Realising we don’t have a dedicated section to our favourite carribean recipes, ¬†we decided to go one better than that and produce a mini digital West Indies Cookbook for readers to peruse, save and try at home.


We hope you enjoy our West Indies Recipes page – we hope to push and pursue as we go so keep an eye out for new additions! Oh and if you have a moment – please rate your favourites!

Dorado fish with herb crust

Avocado toast with tomato salsa

Simple curried pumpkin soup

easy mid week okra rice

easy mid week green fig

easy mid week plantain with cinnamon and nutmeg

Healthy Mango Chicken with Tamarind



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Dorado Fish with Herb

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Advocado Toast Recipe

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Simple Curried Pumpkin Soup

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Okra Rice Recipe

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