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Sweet Potato Bake: Butter beans, spinach & sweet potato bake

This recipe is really from Anna Jones, but I’ve done my usual, which is to simplify and Sun Temple-ize. My friend Emma made it recently for her reading group dinner and I was intrigued, particularly by the butter bean topping, so I checked it out. […]

Blackened Mahi Mahi fish fillets

Mahi Mahi Fish Fillet Recipe Our diet is definitely plant based, but when we eat “flesh,” most of the time it will be fish. My favourite fish in St. Lucia is Mahi Mahi or Dorado or “Do-Wad” as it is known in Kweyol…It is a […]

Chicken Charlton


Individually wrapped chicken Charlton
Chicken Charlton cooked as a casserole

This recipe comes to you from my friend Emma’s kitchen. It’s a brilliant recipe to have, as its the sort of thing that you can glam right up for a dinner party, or keep on the down low for mid week supper at home. The ingredients list is short and the prep time minimal. As I write this, Emma is winging her way to St. Lucia to participate in a team with me and Tracey in the second annual St. Lucia Triathlon. I may have to regale you with photos and stories in another posting. We plan to “complete” not “compete”, and the name we have chosen for our team is a little cheeky.

I’m not sure how she’s going to react to the fact that as usual I have Sun temple-ized her recipe. I have given both sets of photos so you can pick which method you prefer. Basically you can choose to make them as individual portions or compile the whole lot as a chicken casserole. Both are fab!

both methods require the chicken to be flattened

 Serves 8

8 chicken breasts

8 tbsp pesto (homemade or best quality jar)

300 g goat’s cheese

16 slices proscuito (parma ham)

large bunch basil

I have only done the casserole version with the smaller number of 3 chicken breasts which adequately feeds 4. If this is the version you choose, then leave the other ingredients at 50% of full recipe quantities.

assembling individually


Assemble the individual portions as per the photos above, which you then wrap securely in foil. This can be done ahead and stored in the fridge for up to 1 day, which is useful if you plan on serving them for a dinner party.

For the chicken casserole version, first mix the goat’s cheese and the pesto together thoroughly. Then make 3 layers of chicken, goat’s cheese/pesto mix and prosciutto and cook in a casserole dish with a tight fitting lid.

In both versions, liberally sprinkle fresh basil leaves wherever the whim takes you. I put them in each layer. The individual portions will cook faster at about 25 minutes in a 180ºC (350ºF) while the chicken casserole will take closer to 40 minutes. Both should result in delicious juices which you can spoon over your completed meal.

assembling as a chicken casserole
The chicken casserole dish needs a tight fitting lid



Tomato Soup Recipe

I really think that you, my Sun Temple people need to have a simple tomato soup recipe up your sleeves, to pull out when simplicity is the order of the day and your temple demands clean, fresh, uncomplicated nourishment. Sort of a simple prayer rather […]

Caribbean Pirate Pesto

  My friend Marcus in the photo above was the inspiration for the name of this pesto.  The patch is for real, not a fashion statement, and I love the look of pure “attitude” he brings here. Basil grows lush in the rich volcanic soil […]