• Best homemade granola yet!

    I am always trying to improve our diet and breakfast is such a critical meal as it tends to set the trend for the day. We’ve always eaten porridge as our number one “go to” but when it is as hot as it is in St. Lucia now, its really hard to add anything to the furness. I’d love to have a bowl full ...

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    Best homemade granola yet!
  • Chicken with apricots

    This recipe is fast becoming a family favourite. As I write this, we have just had Mark’s childhood friend Steve and his wife Gill around to lunch along with my niece Jaks and her friend Kat. Its a great recipe to have up your sleeve as everything can be done in advance of the meal and simply heated ...

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    Chicken with apricots
  • Sunny Pancakes – The natural pancake recipe!

    Shrove Tuesday.....Pancake day.....Day before Ash Wednesday.......random day in Feb/Mar when we eat pancakes..... So here's a Sun Temple Pancake Recipe for you : As with so many traditions this has its roots in both Pagan and Christian history. Before the Christian era, in Europe, the Slavs believed ...

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    Sunny Pancakes – The natural pancake recipe!
  • Courgetti et al

    I don’t eat pasta much anymore, because it is a whole lot of calories and is usually made from really processed products. Yes, even the fresh, homemade sort. I don’t mind the calories, and in fact I don’t count them. Its just a way of speaking about food, isn’t it? If they’re coming into my temple ...

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    Courgetti et al

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