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    The Sun Temple Food – “Breakfast of champions”


    Emma, Tracey and I took part in the second annual Triathlon here in St. Lucia. We were team “Bringin’ Booty Back,” a name which came from a song which speaks to loving yourself whatever shape and size you are because we are all perfect “from the bottom to the top.” It was a challenge but was a happy day filled with support and encouragement and we completed it with attitude.

    This is what I chose to make for breakfast the day after, breakfast of champions. It is a recipe I have been making since my children were little. Its great because you get all the lusciousness of decadent pancakes with the wholesomeness of lots of oats and the power source that is bananas. The glycemic index is kept down at mid range because of the oats and I use the maple syrup sparingly. Mark doesn’t. He pours it on.


     Breakfast of champions – Serves 2 with left overs

    60g porridge oats

    200ml water

    1 tbsp butter

    pinch salt

    200ml milk

    90g (3/4 c) wholemeal spelt flour (or just plain)

    2 eggs

    2 tsp baking powder

    more butter for cooking

    yogurt for dolloping


    I start by cooking the oats in the water in the microwave for a short time. I can’t say how much time as microwave strengths vary so much. You just want the oats not to be raw. Throw in the 1 tbsp of butter and allow it to melt before adding all the other ingredients. Mix thoroughly, while heating up a small amount of butter to cook your first batch.


    I use my largest frying pan and cook three of these babies at a time. They aren’t huge, but they are man enough to stand up to layering later with the bananas and yog etc. I’m sure this is teaching grandma to suck eggs, but, don’t try to turn them over until you see many bubbles appear on the top side. Its actually a really good clue. Look at the lovely colour achieved in the photo below.


    I only put yog on my final layer, Mark slathers it every which where. I’ve also used different fruit for layering and added blueberries when we are in the UK to the actual batter. Its a great batter for launching any of your creative thoughts, and I hope you do just that. How about adding a teaspoon of cinnamon, which is a spice that gives the sensation of sweetness without adding to the glycemic index.

    There may be leftovers at times when I make these pancakes, if maybe its only Mark and I at home. Here’s the great news; if you put them in a plastic container without any ceremony, and freeze them or put in the fridge, they come out smiling to be re-heated in the toaster or another more traditional method, for use another day. Breakfast of champions, anytime it’s required.




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