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  • Lassi Drink Recipe | Paw paw, Mango and Lime



    There is an abundance of pawpaws (papaya) in St. Lucia these days and this is just a really easy and MOST delicious way to use them up. The thing is, the taste of pawpaw is very delicate which is why I mixed it with mango, and lime just brings out the taste of everything. I’ll fess up and say that what I intended was a frozen yogurt, but the flavour did a vanishing act upon freezing and so it became a “Lassi” drink recipe which is an Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani yogurt drink. This Lassi drink recipe is a 5 minute job so please try it and don’t feel you need to stick to the fruit I have chosen. In fact it needn’t be fruit at all but could be savoury with the adding of turmeric and cumin to the yogurt. I leave you to decide and to report back on your experiments.

    Lassi Drink Recipe 

    Serves 4

    1 c mango pulp

    1 c paw paw (papaya) pulp

    juice 1 lime

    1 c plain yogurt

    2 tbsp honey




    Blend everything together until smooth and then chill to enjoy after a spicy meal or as a mid morning pick-me-up.

    Lassi Drink Recipe



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  1. cheryl renwick says:

    you go Germaine so proud of you

  2. Not Bread bread… Hey Germaine, I’ve just tried to make your “not bread loaf”, and have had serious issues with it. Made the dough no problem, left it rest overnight as per the suggestion, and cooked it for 30 mins at 180 degrees F.
    It is not even warm on the base off the pan, far less for getting it out to turn it upside down. Is the baking temp. incorrect in the recipe? Is it degrees F or C?
    Is 30 mins and then another 30 mins correct?
    It’s going in the bin for sure, so I have just upped the temp to 375 to see if it will actually bake or not… What did I do wrong? Claudette

    • Germaine says:

      Sorry Claudette. I have just looked and realised that I omitted to put the F/C for the temp. Is it indeed Celsius. I’ve updated it now. If you have a silicone loaf pan you could leave it in there for the whole hour without tipping out onto a baking sheet. So….you did nothing wrong. It was just unclear directions.

  3. Marijke says:

    Germaine, we have met you last thursday afternoon at your home with David.

    Thank you for sharing your family home with us; the deep warmth you do share with your family was surely and strongly felt…

    The picture of you as a child is darling; you were a happy kid in a happy, loving environment, and because of your loving parents you are still beaming this happiness out today…

    You are connected with Mother Earth and you appreciate the food she provides for you…in turn she has given you the opportunity to be creative and sustain your temple with healthy and delicious food….
    You are an inspiration for all of us and thank you so wonderfully for sharing all these delicious recipes with us…
    It is a delight to see and above all a joy to taste them…

    • Germaine says:

      Thank you so much for all your kind words Marijke. It was a pleasure to meet you and your husband and to show off my family home. I wish you had seen it under a more calm situation.

  4. Mae says:

    I just cooked my cauliflower mash! Huge success. Thanks to you I’m learning to cook.

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