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Hello everyone! Welcome to Sun Temple Food.P1080938[2]

I’m so pleased you have found my website. I don’t have any formal training, but what I do have is a passion for food, especially that which is good for my temple. That’s my body. My family started laughing at me some years ago when I began saying “I’m not putting that in my temple” or “your temple will really thank you for that”

This is not new. There are so many people out there writing about food and more particularly about healthy, nutritious, whole food. It is also really difficult to bring something, which is unique.

I hope I can bring to you, through this website, my sheer excitement about creating something delicious, wholesome and relevant to our modern lifestyles.

The emphasis will always be on what is fresh and in season. It will also be Caribbean influenced, as the beautiful island of St. Lucia, is where I was born and brought up and is where I am fortunate to live most of the year. The rest of the year I spend in my other favourite buy neurontin gabapentin place on earth, London UK.

Until recently I lived in the house I grew up in, with my husband Mark and our daughters Stephanie, Louise and Kirsty, visiting when they could. We also now have the gorgeous Amelia, who is Stephanie’s daughter and our first grandchild. Our 2 dogs Maggie and Ellie, who are always a source of entertainment and love have gone to live with my sister Danielle (AKA Aunty Dan) since we moved into a flat in a lovely development near the sea. 

I hope you enjoy my slightly eclectic, quirky, conversational style. The photos are all mine too.

Please comment so that I know you are reading. Most important, please try my recipes. I will always cite my source if it hasn’t come directly from my own brain. That’s a good point actually, as most things we do, have been influenced by those before us, so my caveat is that there will be no direct plagiarism, but definitely influence from the many cooks I follow, and the doyennes of cooking in my life.

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