Monsoon coffee

Chris and Anne own Monsoon Estates which is a coffee company. They import and hand roast beans from around the world fulfilling individual orders from an elite clientele. Chris in another life was a property developer and Anne was a nurse. They lived in Australia […]

Lassi Drink Recipe | Paw paw, Mango and Lime

There is an abundance of pawpaws (papaya) in St. Lucia these days and this is just a really easy and MOST delicious way to use them up. The thing is, the taste of pawpaw is very delicate which is why I mixed it with mango, […]

Christmas sorrel drink

Sorrel is quintessentially Christmas! It is a bush-like plant that grows in warm climates, like some countries in Africa and Central America, as well as throughout the Caribbean. Its actually a type of hibiscus and the sorrel drink we make is made using the sepals […]

Traditional West Indian rum punch

A traditional rum punch recipe with a twist. This rum punch is what my grandparents drank. It is truly the traditional, unadulterated taste of the colonial West Indies. If you visit a tropical place and ask for a rum punch as I’m sure many of […]