Lassi Drink Recipe | Paw paw, Mango and Lime

Lassi Drink Recipe | Paw paw, Mango and Lime


There is an abundance of pawpaws (papaya) in St. Lucia these days and this is just a really easy and MOST delicious way to use them up. The thing is, the taste of pawpaw is very delicate which is why I mixed it with mango, and lime just brings out the taste of everything. I’ll fess up and say that what I intended was a frozen yogurt, but the flavour did a vanishing act upon freezing and so it became a “Lassi” drink recipe which is an Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani yogurt drink. This Lassi drink recipe is a 5 minute job so please try it and don’t feel you need to stick to the fruit I have chosen. In fact it needn’t be fruit at all but could be savoury with the adding of turmeric and cumin to the yogurt. I leave you to decide and to report back on your experiments.

Lassi Drink Recipe 

Serves 4

1 c mango pulp

1 c paw paw (papaya) pulp

juice 1 lime

1 c plain yogurt

2 tbsp honey




Blend everything together until smooth and then chill to enjoy after a spicy meal or as a mid morning pick-me-up.

Lassi Drink Recipe


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