Vegetable Salad Delight | Sun Temple TV

Vegetable Salad Delight – Sun Temple TV With so many delicious vegetables available, it would be mad for us not to come up with a vegetable salad lunch dish. This utterly fresh and de’light’ful (emphasis on the light) salad, works perfectly with our heavenly piquant fruit plate (which you […]

Bean and Quinoa salad complimented with spinach, topped with a lemon & garlic yogurt dressing..

You’re probably thinking as I do when I see another salad quinoa recipe…..”enough with the quinoa already!” We surely have embraced this little grain from South America! The trouble is that it really is as good as all that. Nutritionally it packs a punch, and […]

Salad of cucumber & mixed leaves with Asian chicken

I first made this salad because I wanted to spiralize everything in sight. Cucumbers seemed like a good idea and in fact spiralize beautifully. I’ve done this salad a few times now and have also chopped the cucumber using a slicing blade in my food […]

Quinoa salad recipe with red rice

[amd-yrecipe-recipe:2] My family love this salad, and as a result I have made it many, many times. It is beautiful to serve and then is the most perfect leftover. Everyone always goes “aw man” (said in a whiney voice) when there is nothing left to […]

Grilled chicken salad recipe with mango and avocado

I was having lunch with my friend Mae yesterday and she was asking where my inspiration for the recipes I cook comes from. I said it usually had to do with what was fresh and in season, or what I had lots of in the […]


Middle eastern in origin, this is one of my family’s favourite salads. Its a good salad to have in your repertoire in that, because of the heartiness of the bulghar wheat (cracked wheat) this salad is quite filling. Bulghar wheat is made from the groats […]

Emma’s seeds

Below is a picture of my friend Emma. She and I have explored food together in many different ways; picking fruit, going to new and exciting restaurants, attending cookery workshops, sharing cookbooks, and joyously cooking for each other’s families. This posting is written by her […]

Puy lentil and giant couscous salad

I love lentils! I love the way they taste, the way they are so accommodating in so many different recipes, but most of all I love that they are a complex food which takes our bodies a long time to break down. This is good […]

Courgette (zucchini) salad with mango ginger dressing

This courgette zucchini salad is so lovely, light and refreshing. It is limited to the availability of mangoes however. The whole dish will only take 10 minutes or so of your time and is well worth it. This beautiful bowl was given to me by […]

Edamame and carambola salad

  This recipe is an adaptation of  Jenny Chandler’s.   Ingredients 200g green soya beans (I use frozen) 3 tbsp white wine vinegar (I use Belazu) 5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp finely diced  salad onions (or shallot) salt and pepper 2 carambola sliced […]