Making coconut milk


The dried inner nut of the coconut which does still have water inside

Joan at the veg shop gave me the good idea of putting the coconut in a bag in order to break it open. Normally I just go outside and bash it on the nearest piece of concrete. The problem with this is that the water contained within splashes everywhere and a search for all the bits of coconut can ensue depending on the force I have used.


A hammer once you have broken it open would be a useful thing to break it into smaller pieces.

With extreme care and using a sharp knife, you must prise the meat away from the woody shell. The best result is obtained when the pieces are small. If left as large as in my photo you might be there all day.

Place all the meat into the food processor or blender and pour in half the water. Blitz until the pieces are quite small and then a bit more. Add the remaining water and pulse to blend. Stretch a muslin or jelly bag over a jug and pour the resulting mush into it. Squeeze and squeeze until you are left with a really dried out set of coconut crumbs.


Squeezing the milk out of the grated coconut

  Makes approx 700ml

1 dried coconut

750 ml water

Fresh coconut milk

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