A Christmas inspired quiche recipe..

Christmas Quiche Recipe

A delicious Christmas inspired quiche recipe that is perfect for Christmas snacking or any time no matter the season.

Preparing the Quiche Recipe

This Quiche Recipe Serves 4

enough shortcrust pastry for pie dish

3 eggs

milk to make liquid measure up to 500ml (16 oz)

handful cherry tomatoes

handful chopped parsley

4 or 5 slices prosciutto ham

120 g (4.5 oz) grated mature cheddar

salt and pepper


I was making my mince pies and had a bit of left over pastry. That’s how it all started….

Cooking the Quiche Recipe

Find the recipe for the pastry I used here: The Home-Made Mince Pie Recipe. The thing about this pastry recipe is that its all about ratios. So….same amount of butter as veg shortening, and double that weight in flour, with enough water to bind it. Simples! Just don’t play around with it too much…

Christmas Quiche Dish

This quiche was the perfect amount for 4 of us for lunch….



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