Pistachio nuts

Pistachios are used both in savoury and sweet dishes. My favourite is as a crunchy topping for tuna

Wax Apples

Wax apples grow in clusters on quite a large tree. They are crunchy with a citrussy fresh taste. The seed is like a tiny tennis ball.


What is “Zabricot” I hear you asking. Its name comes from Les Abricots (the apricots) in French and our forebears must have named it thus for its colour because it doesn’t look or taste anything like an apricot. It is also known as Mammy Apple […]

Seasoning peppers

These peppers belong to the same species as some of the really hot ones, but there is no heat, just a delicious pepper flavour so common in Caribbean cooking. I just cut straight though not even bothering to remove the seeds


I use cinnamon quite a lot, but usually in a subtle way that enhances the overall flavour of the dish. granola and raw brownies. It stars in recipes such as homemade Christmas mincemeat and plantain dishes. In St. Lucia, it is believed that cinnamon […]


Coconut, in its many forms, is an important part of my family’s diet. We eat it dried and grated in raw brownies and granola, flour in baking, nectar and sugar as a natural sweeteners, oil for cooking, milk for creaminess, and a fresh coconut water […]

Tangerines (Portugals)

St. Lucia’s answer to “easy-peelers” These are tangerines or “portugals” as they are known in Trinidad.


These little babies are a West Indian staple. I use them as a side dish cooked with onions, garlic and peppers or included in other dishes such as callaloo or “cook up” rice. They are actually the seed pods of a plant in the mallow […]

Pearl barley

Pearl barley, or pearled barley, is barley that has been processed to remove its hull and bran. All barley must have its fibrous outer hull removed before it can be eaten; pearl barley is then polished to remove the bran layer. Pearl barley is similar […]

Nutmeg and Mace

The nutmeg tree is a large evergreen native to the Moluccas (the Spice Islands) and is now cultivated in the West Indies. It produces two spices — mace and nutmeg. Nutmeg is the seed kernel inside the fruit and mace is the lacy covering (aril) […]