Carribean Recipes

Mammee Apple & Plantain dessert with coconut topping

  Mammee Apple This is a Mammee Apple/Zabricot or Mammisiporte. It’s large, yielding fruit off the large seeds, anywhere plus or minus 600g (21oz), grows on a huge tree and has a sweet mellow taste. I’ve made this season, Zabricot chutney, curried lentils with Zabricot […]

Zabricot chutney recipe

Making Zabricot Chutney What is “Zabricot” I hear you asking. Its name comes from Les Abricots (the apricots) in French and our forebears must have named it thus for its colour because it doesn’t look or taste anything like an apricot. It is also known […]

Fish Recipes: Dorado fish with herb topping

Here’s how I came about this dorado fish recipe. I am standing in the photo below next to Ronald “Fish” as he appears in my contacts list. He hasn’t got a shop per se, but a piece of the side of the road (no pavement) […]

Avocado toast – rye toast with tomato salsa

Avocado Toast Recipe My uncle Cush (Rosemary and Cusho nuts) had an avocado tree at the house where they lived in Trinidad that was a source of joy to him. This tree produced prolifically and during bearing season avocados could be found in varying stages […]

Christmas pastelles recipe – A West Indian tradition

[youtube][/youtube] One of the best things about Christmas in St Lucia is celebrating by making delicious Pastelles. This West Indian tradition is treated as a family day and as Christmas approaches I remember just how much I love it. As festivities are drawing in closer […]

Simple Curried Pumpkin Soup

I’m feeling very philosophical as I write this curried pumpkin soup recipe. The past year has been full of challenges for my family which of course is just real life. No one escapes. My firm belief is that without challenges we cease to grow, learn, […]

Blackened Mahi Mahi fish fillets

Mahi Mahi Fish Fillet Recipe Our diet is definitely plant based, but when we eat “flesh,” most of the time it will be fish. My favourite fish in St. Lucia is Mahi Mahi or Dorado or “Do-Wad” as it is known in Kweyol…It is a […]

Saltfish & green banana fishcakes (Accra)

Stephanie and Kirsty, my tasters, declared these to be “bomb dot com” I don’t think we can beat that. Salt fish and green fig (the green bananas) is a national dish of St. Lucia. It used to be that salt fish was a poor man’s […]

Healthy mango chicken with tamarind

Mango Chicken and Tamarind An easy mid-week meal that pairs beautifully with rice.. Its January. Its cold and dark in London, and my thoughts fly to light and health, peace and resolve. I’m reminded while writing this that its not difficult to eat healthily. It […]

Mango Chow and childhood memories

My brothers, sister and I grew up in St. Lucia before the advent of computers, mobile phones and for us, in what was as yet undiscovered St. Lucia, not even TV. Our summer holidays were lonngg! There were no summer clubs or organised activities for […]