Simple Curried Pumpkin Soup


I’m feeling very philosophical as I write this curried pumpkin soup recipe. The past year has been full of challenges for my family which of course is just real life. No one escapes. My firm belief is that without challenges we cease to grow, learn, change and get better, if we allow it.

Many times my cooking comes as an “allowing”. By that I mean, I have various things in the kitchen and we need to eat, so if I sit quietly and open my mind, often something will occur. This soup is the result of just that.

I could add this curried pumpkin soup dish to the “Easy mid week” category, as start to finish it’s only about half an hour of your time, if all the ingredients are present.

The pumpkin came as a gift from a farmer friend a few months ago. Yes months…if left uncut, they can last a really long time. Also, Rosie recently brought a bag of fresh turmeric from her garden for me to make turmeric tisane which was in the fridge. The two things formed the basis of the thought and then the recipe.

Curried Pumpkin Soup Ingredients

Serves 4/5

1 kg (2 lbs) fresh pumpkin (prepared)

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 lg onion roughly chopped

2 fat cloves garlic pressed/minced

1 green chilli finely chopped

20g (1 tbsp) fresh grated turmeric

30g (1 tbsp) fresh grated ginger

1 heaped tsp ground cumin

1 heaped tsp ground coriander

1 l (3.5 C) water

salt and pepper

toasted grated fresh coconut for garnish

Begin by softening the onions, garlic and chilli in the coconut oil. Add the ginger and turmeric, followed by the spices and allow them to gently come together in a gentle heat. The smell is amazing.

Add the pumpkin and the water and season with salt and pepper. Cook until the pumpkin is perfectly soft and then blend until smooth. Check seasoning and if you are using the toasted coconut garnish, simply toast in a dry small frying pan until brownish. Ladle into your bowls and artfully sprinkle on the top. Serve immediately as the coconut will sink.

What you will notice is that there are no “fillers” in this soup. By that I mean, no potato or similar carbohydrate and no red lentils or other legumes. The result is a light but very satisfying soup which is low glycemic and extremely good for your temple.





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