Borlotti beans and pumpkin burgers

Borlotti Beans and Pumpkin Burger

Borlotti and Pumpkin burger

We need to talk about pulses (legumes)! I’m talking about chick peas, kidney beans, black beans, lentils, borlotti to name but a few. We usually buy them in their dried form, or in a can. Some can be bought fresh, like I bought some fresh borlotti from Borough Market (London) in the autumn last year that were divine.

My pigeon peas are a pulse/legume and were fresh. In St. Lucia we have quite a good array, which are sometimes sold under their Spanish names, so mine were called “Frijoles Romanos” or Roman beans. They are also known as Cranberry beans, or Pinto etc. They are really inexpensive to buy. My point is, do buy these beans and experiment. As a general rule, soak them overnight, drain and cook for maybe 30 minutes without salt which you add after they are cooked as this slows down their cooking, and use them: in this recipe; incorporated into a salad, made into hummus ….their possibilities are endless and I will continue posting about pulses or legumes as they are also known. Remember too that they deliver a good source of protein and therefore provide a good vegetarian option. Full of fibre too folks.

Serves 4

430g (2 c)  home cooked borlotti beans

215 g ( 1 c) steamed pumpkin

1 onion

4 cloves garlic

1 small green chilli

90 g (1/2 c) flaxseed meal

80 g (1/2 c) almonds

70 g (1/2 c) sunflower seeds

1 red bell pepper

medium bunch coriander

2 tbsp olive oil

borlotti and pumpkin burger

Blitz the onions, garlic and chilli together first in the food processor then add the almonds and continue until the almonds are broken down but not mush. Add everything else and process until you have a uniform mixture. You may need to stop the motor once or twice to stir it around with a spatula as the beans make things a bit gummy.

Wet your hands and shape the mixture first into balls and then flatten to a shape approximating a burger. My batch made 8 good sized burgers. It is a bit tricky as the mixture is now sticky.

Place them on a platter or tray and put them in the fridge for 30 minutes or so. Meanwhile heat up the barbecue and get your tools ready. I used a large metal spatula. Brush the surface of each burger with some olive oil and flip it onto the oiled side first to cook. Take this opportunity to now brush the other side with oil.

With great care turn them and you may need to reshape them a little due to the trauma of their move.

Give them 6 minutes on each side on medium heat. Alternatively you could put them on a tray in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C (350° F)

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