Easy mid week okra rice


This is more a Trinidadian dish than a St. Lucian one. I learned about it from my “bess” cousin Colleen. Our mothers are identical twins and we were born 12 days apart and genuinely love each other, so, you know…..

My father was working in Pointe à Pierre in Trinidad in the 1950’s during part of his training for accountancy I think. My mother was a secretary there. The rest is history. I did my A levels in Trinidad and then went back there to work after university. So my connection with Trinidad is strong and the food is worth exploring, so watch this space for more.


I just had to take a photo of the pumpkin I used in this recipe as the colour of it was so stunning. I promise you I have not adjusted the colour at all. This is the real thing.


I absolutely love okra or “oh crows” as we say in the West Indies. They seem to be readily available in St. Lucia, so as a result we eat them often. This recipe is a first for my household, as, quite simply, I forgot order neurontin over the counter about it. I’m glad it has re surfaced though as it really is yummy. Kirsty who was sceptical, is now a firm convert. This okra rice can work both as an accompaniment to a more star studded main or stand stickily, deliciously on its own.

Serves 4 as an accompaniment 

160g (1 c) brown basmati rice (any type will do really)

150g okro

150g pumpkin

100g salted fish

100ml coconut milk


I used brown basmati rice as it has the lowest glycemic index of all rices that I know about, but you could use whatever you fancy. Just adjust the cooking times. Start by cooking the rice in double its volume of salted water. Half way through the time, tip in all the other ingredients and make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the saucepan. If it looks like its going to, once it has simmered for a little while, simply turn off the heat and leave the pot covered. This is probably going to do the trick and all will be well in the end.


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