Quinoa breakfast bowl

It has become something of a tradition that I “create” a new breakfast recipe on a Sunday morning. Its usually just my husband and I up and about, and he’s such an accommodating soul, that I can experiment widely and he usually enjoys. We sample together and decide on whether the flavour, texture, colour, healthiness and all round enjoyment are good enough to post.

This recipe was inspired by my friend Emma’s daughter Goose who is in Australia on a sandwich year from university in the UK. I have known this girl (Augusta) since shortly after her birth and have enjoyed watching her blossom. She is experimenting with alternative eating and I think this ticks many good boxes.

Breakfast Bowl

The coconut “turtle” in the photo above was carved for me by my friend Columbus, who sells carved bird feeders made of coconut shells, which he hangs off a tree on the path from the cruise ships to the city, thereby capturing the passing trade. I also have one of his “birds” which will no doubt turn up in a post when I find the right thing to display in it.

This is him actually carving the turtle above. Always smiling, always present.

Serves 2

1 cup quinoa (165 g)

6 dates (32 g)

1 tbsp nut butter (36 g)

6 dried apricots (45 g)

Freshly grated coconut or in a pinch you could use desiccated coconutĀ (30g)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp salt

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl


Cook the quinoa in enough salted water to ensure that it doesn’t dry out during its 15 minutes or so of cooking. Meanwhile get the other ingredients ready.

I always use fresh coconut when I am in St Lucia, and sometimes use desiccated when in the UK. The fresh is better, and readily available in the UK too. So, in preparation, grate the coconut, and as ever I use my food processor. Add the dates and apricots and chop together with the cinnamon.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl 6

Mix everything together and enjoy. My husband thought this bowl was improved by the addition of a dollop of natural yogurt.

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