Roasted butternut squash hummus with sour orange

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus


I love the word “Levantine.” This word refers to the area which encompasses modern Turkey and the Middle East. This is where hummus originates. Certainly not what I have created here as the traditional hummus is of course made with chick peas, but the flavourings are the same with the critical ingredient being the tahini or sesame seed paste. I once made my own tahini because we were in Tobago and I really wanted to make hummus and there was none in the shops. I didn’t have the benefit of Google there, but I knew tahini is sesame seed paste, so I roasted the seeds and turned them into a paste in a blender. Voila! Success! Who knew!!??

I think that often people don’t cook because they believe there is some great mystery surrounding good food. Don’t get me wrong. Of course there are instances where a recipe is important, especially for technically difficult things, or for new ideas, but I seriously encourage everyone to just experiment. Have a go. Trust your instincts. If your brain tells you to make hummus from butternut squash and flavour it with sour oranges, then go ahead. It will probably taste great. If you see some intriguing vegetable new to you, buy it, do a little research and just try.

Butternut squash hummus

The first time I was ever aware of sour neurontin to buy oranges was when I was doing my A levels in Trinidad and A. Rose and U. Cush had a sour orange tree growing in their yard. A. Rose used to make juice with them which, because they are “sour” is similar to lemonade. A delicious thing, but high glycemic, as most juices are.

The European equivalent of a sour orange would probably be a Seville orange which my mother in law used to make the most amazing marmalade with. Every year was a planned production for which we had to state our desired number of jars. Each year she would exclaim “oh darling (to Mark) I didn’t know you even liked my marmalade…..”


Roasted butternut squash hummus recipe

Makes 1 bowl

300g (10 oz) roasted butternut squash (or other squash/pumpkin)

100g (4 oz) tahini

1 clove garlic pressed

juice of 1 sour orange (or lemon/lime)

salt and pepper

De-seed the butternut squash and chop into large chunks. Roast until soft with slightly browned edges, in a little olive oil on a roasting tray in the oven. When cool, scoop out the flesh and mix until smooth, with all the other ingredients. (Notice….no mention of food processor….I did use it though)

This hummus dish has a delightful sweet taste. We have now had it on crisp bread as below but also on plain poached chicken breast with our lunchtime salad and on black bean burgers


Butternut squash hummus recipe




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