Beets Blu HRM and Pager Tag


The lovely people at Beets Blu noticed I try to live healthily and approached me about checking out 2 of their products. The Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) above and the Pager Tag below. Its always a little worrying when asked to review a product you know nothing about…..I mean what if you really don’t like it or it doesn’t mesh with your lifestyle???……I’m happy to say that neither proved to be the case.

The HRM has now been used by 3 members of my household including myself and we’ve all decided we really like it. I wore it to the gym and then another time on a bike ride to see my gorgeous physiotherapist Barry because of a dodgy shoulder. I got Mark to give it the once over and he was impressed and now Louise’s boyfriend Alex has worn it to the gym and WANTS it!!

First you need to know that it is idiot proof in terms of getting it to sync with your phone. Seriously it works with all the major apps once your phone has bluetooth capability. I used the Apple “Health” app but you could use whichever one you subscribe to like Runmeter etc. Would you believe I had a request from someone on Amazon today to answer a question about this product?? Get me! I’m a consultant now!!

DSC_0071You can see your stats from a number of different perspectives and again, very easily.  Bonus that you don’t need a watch like most HRM’s and it is very affordable at under generic drug neurontin £30. Also, because you don’t have a purpose watch to read the stats, it is easy for different people to use as it sends the data to your own phone.

I’ve attached a photo of my phone which shows the Health app from Apple. Just thought you might like to see it. This is just one of the various ways you can view your stats. Its really cool because you can look back and see where maybe you sprinted or lifted something heavy or whatever, because it breaks it down minute by minute if that’s what you want.


The Pager Tag is like a gift from above for me. Basically its a light weight “tag” that you attach to whatever keeps getting lost.  If you’ve lost the item, you trigger an alarm on the Pager Tag from your phone/ipad etc. You have a choice of different alarms. The number of hours I have spent looking for Mark’s keys/glasses/phone in my life doesn’t bear thinking about. I have attached the one I was sent to his keys and have ordered more for the keys in St. Lucia. Shame I can’t attach it to his multiple pairs of glasses that are never where he wants them, but all seem to congregate like London buses every so often, all in one place. This too is affordable at under £20.


I heartily recommend both these gadgets as they are functional, easy to use, good design and affordable.

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