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I’ll admit straight off the bat that I do indeed have “ants in my pants” I am addicted to my own endorphins. In other words, I really like to keep active and enjoy working out and getting lots of exercise. I have tried yoga and pilates more than once and know they are good for me, but I can’t seem to keep it going as it somehow doesn’t grab me. Maybe when I grow up…..

As you know I developed diabetes during Kirsty’s pregnancy, which I control with insulin and my diet. What I have found, which is completely unsurprising, is that when I don’t exercise for a few days through maybe being on holiday, my insulin requirements go up dramatically.

The photo above was taken with Kirsty (my favourite training buddy) after a 5k run in St. Lucia.  I try to run 2 or 3 times per week and keep it to 5k as I really don’t want joint issues. I only discovered running 5 years ago, which research seems to suggest is a good thing for my poor joints and muscles as I haven’t been able to wear them out through overuse and I’m unlikely to now.

The photo below shows me setting off on my first ride with my Christmas present from Mark. Its a lovely bike called a “cyclocross” which means its part road bike, part mountain bike. Perfect for St. Lucia as we have lots of bumpy roads and hills. I’m hoping to be able to compete across all 3 parts of the Triathlon in St. Lucia in November this year. Last year I only did the run, with my friends Emma and Tracey doing the swim and ride. You may remember we called ourselves team “Bringin’ Booty Back” and we did!

2014-12-17 09.22.16

The picture below is working out with my personal trainer Mike. I think in another life he must have been a torturer. If he says 10 reps of some exercise or other, you better believe you will be doing all 10! Pointless arguing. He calmly just says “Ok 2 more……” I find his coaching really useful because with even the best will in the world and the strongest of convictions, and I can be very focused, I will opt out if things start to get a bit “hairy” during a work out on my own. His knowledge of food and his holistic approach to health and fitness is outstanding.


I’m sure that the super sleuths among you have spotted the missing part of the Tri training. Yup. The swimming.Well of course I know how to swim. I grew up in St.Lucia. Trouble is I actually know how ‘not to sink’ and I can do that really well. I competed in the first Tri St. Lucia in 2013 and did the baby one. It was only a 250m swim. I came out of the sea exhausted, with the ride and run still ahead of me, as I had swallowed half of the bay and covered the distance using breast stroke which is not very efficient or fast. So, this year, I have a secret weapon. I have my niece Thalia who, wait for it…….competed at the youth olympics in China last year, in…….swimming! The photo below is of her wearing her team T-shirt in China. She has agreed to coach me and to that end I have already purchased the correct swimming suit and a pair of goggles that Emma (my swim team member from Tri 2014) has recommended. Watch this space Sun Templers.


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