Vegan mushroom and tofu loaf


The Sun Temple Vegan Tofu Loaf Recipe

We can now get these firm, delicious, fresh mushrooms grown organically in St. Lucia and I always seem to have a bag of them waiting to be made into something.

I’ll own up right now and say that this is a newly constructed, revamped tofu loaf recipe. Isn’t that like real life? Take what we know and make it better as we in turn know better?

Sadly this delicious loaf is not very photogenic so I “prettied” it up with slices of five fingers (carambola), fresh from the tree at the old family home which I had gone to check on.

Vegan Tofu Loaf

Makes 2 smallish Vegan Tofu loaves

454g (1 lb) mushrooms

325g (12 oz) fresh spinach leaves

350g (12.5oz) firm tofu

115g (1 c) walnuts

2 onions

1 fat clove garlic

1 green chilli

2 tbsp grated fresh ginger

2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes (or a handful of grated sharp cheddar)

1 tsp salt

 2/3 tbsp chia seeds (or 1 egg)

1 quantity tahini sauce


Start by chopping the fresh spinach leaves….I did this in the food processor but you can do it easily by hand if you prefer. Scoop them out and then chop everything else starting with the onions and garlic and ending with the tofu. Try not to over process as it’s squishy enough without it.

Preparing Vegan Mushroom & Tofu Loaf

I’ve made this version completely vegan as I was able to, but you don’t need to. The nutritional yeast flakes can be substituted with sharp cheddar, and the chia seeds could be an egg.

3 of Kirsty’s friends here in St. Lucia have chosen to become vegan. They’re doing really well in that their knowledge of food and diet has improved exponentially. I support eating wholesomely and with fresh, unprocessed food supplying the majority of what is consumed. They seem to be succeeding. So, the day I made these Kirsty took one tofu loaf to a dinner they were having together and yes, I passed muster.

Vegan Tofu Loaf Recipe

Pile the squidgy mess into 2 loaf pans. No need to grease if yours, like mine are non-stick, and cook for 45 mins to an hour in a moderately hot oven (180ºC, 350ºF). Serve with tahini sauce and whichever green vegetables you have. This makes a great addition to a lunch time salad, cold the next day. It would also be great pressed like a burger in a whole grain bun with some lettuce.


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