St. Lucian Kweyol phrases

So I thought this week I would list some St. Lucian Kweyol phrases for a bit of fun, as some of you were curious!

Obviously there are many more phrases – it was pretty fun tapping them up! Comment on the post by clicking here or on Facebook and let us know your favourite life phrases – from across the world!


‘Shee vay tac tac’….when you’ve brushed your hair and there is one hair which defies taming and stands straight up with a zig zag nature all its own.

‘peeyops’….a derogatory term meaning you are “losing your marbles”

‘meme bête meme pwel’…literally translates to “same beast same hair” meaning the same creature, meaning “we are the same”, or “what you have just said is the same as what I’ve just said”

‘shease’….cheap. Unwilling to spend any money.

‘mackawel’…literally translates to “Boa Constrictor” but means that feeling of fullness and need to rest after eating too much. This is because a Boa when it has feasted needs to rest for days to digest the whole animal it has consumed.

‘Co shee’…crooked

‘zeeay coh key’…cross eyed

‘bazoudi’….stunned dazed

‘Kabwit by ball ek se mouton ki sou’…goat at a party and its sheep thats drunk

‘Avan Zaboca te ca bon, makak te ca know petit ee’…before avocado is ripe, monkey is taking for its young. Before I had I was managing. Now I’m taking before I need.

‘Sacwe tonnaire’….sacred thunder an expletive similar in tone to “hells bells”, wooy,for heaven’s sake

‘Chat pas ca fait chien’….. cat doesn’t do dog, meaning a person will behave according to their “type”

‘Koul koutla pas ni mak en glo’….cutlass lash doesn’t mark water or what the eye doh see doh grieve the heart.

‘Pwan douvan, avan douvan pwan ou’.…..take in front before in front takes you. In other words make preparations for the “storm” before the “storm” catches you out.








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